Timbuktoo Groupe is a consulting firm specializing in the creation of brand names: we create names for your companies, products, services, domain names and others. Our team is made up of naming professionals who are passionate about brands, names, words and language.

We’re also passionate about trademark law, new brand-related technologies and new language technologies. What brought us all to Timbuktoo Groupe is our experiences as brand specialists, linguists, strategic planners, semiologists, journalists and writers with keen minds for everything international, brands and name creation. We’ve studied and/or use a dozen languages, including English, German, Spanish, Latin, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Arabic.

Our mission statement

Our mission statement is to help you create brands which are both strategically relevant to and legally exploitable in your current and future markets.

Our assets

Our experience with well-established brands has given us a strategic outlook on brand names: the process of creating a name must come from a naming strategy that is coherent with your marketing strategy and your business strategy. The legal aspects have grown over the last 10 years to become the most challenging part of brand name creation. Legal expertise is fully integrated into our working method: our partnerships include prominent players in the field of trademarks and domain names technologies, as well as a unique partnership with a law firm which is involved throughout the entire process of name creation – both research and consulting.

Our philosophy

We want to bring you the kind of professionalism that is expected of big agencies while also providing you with the kind of relationship you would expect from a small organization: one that is based on listening, closeness and flexibility.

Meet the team

Delphine ParlierDelphine Parlier’s taste for brands comes from working with some of the best agencies in France and America: CLM/BBDO, Wieden & Kennedy, Publicis. There, she was fortunate enough to work for none other than Apple and Coca-Cola. Her first foray into the naming business dates back to 2005, when she co-founded Quensis, a naming/linguistic engineering company based in the US and the Middle East that she developed and ran until 2010. She founded Timbuktoo Groupe in early 2011. Delphine is a former student of Latin, English, German, Japanese and Russian. She also has a rudimentary knowledge of classical Arabic.

Bruno Planty is a semiologist and a strategic planner, which is business-speak for someone who loves everything about brands, especially finding ways to strengthen the link between them and consumers. He has worked for many of them (such as Nestlé, Coca-Cola and Renault), most notably during his time at Publicis. Bruno’s role at Timbuktoo revolves around names and brand strategy consulting, semiological studies and leading creative brainstorming sessions.

Ellen WillerEllen Willer is a branding specialist and a witty talented writer. She is a communications consultant for key accounts and CEOs (e.g. Clarins, L’Oréal Group, Yves Rocher) as well as a journalist and a « namer ». She writes the “Météo des Tendances” (Trends Forecast) in the Costes magazine every month. She also takes part in name creation, baseline creation, and writes content with Timbuktoo.

bertrandBertrand Toulas – Consultant
Bertrand is passionate about words and languages. He graduated from INALCO (National Institute of Languages and Civilizations) and speaks fluent English and Japanese. He also knows the basics of Mandarin Chinese, Korean and Ancient Greek. After a two-year experience in Japan in digital communications, Bertrand joined Timbuktoo Groupe in 2013 as a project manager, where he handles creative research and project coordination first and foremost.

Photo chloe 2Chloé Grandin – Multimedia project manager
Chloé is a specialist of digital culture and everything web-related. She has joined Timbuktoo to take part in the development of our technological tools and handle our collaborative naming platform

Our network

In order to complete our missions, we rely on a network of professional linguists, namers from the greatest branding firms and professional translators based in the US, Europe and Asia.

Helmut – A mascot and source of inspiration for us Helmut

Helmut is a sheep, but not just any sheep. He is an artistic sheep, a cousin of the famous Lalanne’s sheep. We love art here at Timbuktoo. It’s a source of emotion and inspiration. Helmut is our mascot. He doesn’t answer the phone and he can’t even serve coffee (yet), but he is our daily source of creative energy and joyfulness.