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Get expert advice with Timbuktoo-naming, by Timbuktoo Groupe.

Timbuktoo-naming is tailored for key accounts and SMEs with a specific need for high-end consulting. When launching a new critical product or service in particular, involving experts throughout the process is a necessity.

Our way of working is based on 3 approaches that are distinct but complement each other:
> strategy in the initial stages, because a name cannot be created without regard for your corporate history and culture, your marketing strategy or your competitive environment.
> creativity, because a name must mirror your strategy in the most unique way possible, your targets must be able to remember it easily and make it their own, and lastly, it must make you stand out from the crowd.
> intellectual property, to create names that are legally secure and available on the internet.

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Take part in the naming process with Tim-naming, Timbuktoo Groupe’s collaborative naming service.

Tim-naming is the first collaborative naming platform: it allows businesses to involve all their employees (whether they’re 100 or 100,000) in the naming process.

This unique naming service combines:

  • the fruitful process of group-based creation
  • the power of a technological platform which manages and processes the submitted names in real time
  • the expertise of our naming consultants








This innovative naming service can be used for all kinds of projects:

company name
Is your company undergoing heavy changes? Is it merging with another company? If so, involving all your employees in the naming process will be key to the success and execution of your new strategy.

national product launch
Allowing all the teams involved in the launch of the product to take part – R&D, marketing, sales, as well as the support department – will bring cohesion > everyone gets to have a say in the launch, not just marketing.

worldwide product launch
To bring together your marketing teams in France, Germany, Italie, the US and Japan for the purpose of a strategic launch and the name of your new product > to integrate all your worldwide subsidiaries and validate the relevance of each created name in every one of your markets.

in-house project name
A pilot project, an in-house think-tank, the title of a newly-created job, a one-time event or a recurring event for your company or one of your clients… Even in-house projects need names; bringing your teams together for the creation of a name is both the first step towards the birth of your project and a success factor for its launch.

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Research & Development

One of our concerns is how to offer new ways to manage the legal, organizational and decision-making barriers that are specific to companies.
To that end, we always do our best to…

> Understand the evolution of naming by conducting interviews with professionals
> Develop linguistic engineering tools
> Develop online checking tools
> Keep an eye on new names and emerging trends via our “Naming Watch”
> Bring together people who are passionate about this business and its transformations through the “Naming Club”.